This is a continuation from the previous post. In this one the prepositions i, le, ó, roimh, thar, and idir will be used. As in the previous post, the Connemara form is on the right. The forms go: base, first person singular, second person singular, third person singular masculine, third person singular feminine, first person plural, second person plural, third person plural.


i i
ionam ion(t)am/íontam
ionat ion(t)ad/íontad
ann ann
inti inte/ínte
ionainn ion(t)ainn/íontainn
ionaibh ion(t)aí/íontaí
iontu ion(t)ab/íontab
le le
liom liom
leat leat
leis leis
léi léi/léithe
linn linn
libh lib
leo leob
ó ó
uaim uaim
uait uait
uaidh uaidh
uaithi uaithi
uainn uainn
uaibh uaib
uathu uathab
thar thar
tharam tharam
tharat thar(t)ad
thairis thairis
thairsti thairte
tharainn tharainn
tharaibh tharaí/tharaib
tharstu thar(t)ab
roimh roimh
romham romham
romhat romhat
roimhe roime
roimpi roímpe
romhainn romhainn
romhaibh romhaib
rompu romhab/rompab
idir eidir
eadrainn eatrainn
eadraibh eatraí
eatarthu eatrab

And that’s it for the prepositions, though please be aware there is some variance between various areas of Connemara, and even various areas of South Connemara and individual speakers.


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