Go mbeannaí Dia dhaoibh uilig.

My name is Davis and I’ve been learning and using Irish for 11 years now. I started while attending the University of Notre Dame, and ended up graduating with a minor in Irish Language and Literature. I have since passed the B2 exam (twice!) and undertaken study in the Gaeltacht for extensive periods of time. I am a trained and certified teacher as well. I was active for  many years on the Duolingo forums under the name ‘galaxyrocker’ and am still active many places with that name. I likewise am active on Facebook and Twitter


The purpose of this blog is to discuss some of the nuances in Irish that often aren’t covered in classrooms, as well as explain things for those wanting to learn. On top of this, I will also post (old) texts from the South Connemara area, mainly An Cheathrú Rua, Ceantar na nOileán and Iorras Aithneach, and analyze them for unique grammatical features/dialectal words.


For more information, please see the introduction post on the blog.