This is the first of a two posts about “fish”. I say “fish” as the author also includes worms and other creatures that can be found on and near the sea in his collection, not just fish. These two selections come from Cladaigh Chonamara, the 1937 edition; there is a newer edition which has been standardized. The old spelling, with the associated plurals, has been kept here, as some of the plurals might be different in the new and not reflect the dialect as accurately. All the definitions are pulled from Teanglann, Dinneen, Téarma or Ainmneacha Plandaí agus Ainmithe, as Mac Con Iomaire only gives descriptions or a little story of the creature; hopefully they coincide with what he had in mind. Any where I can’t find a solid reference are marked with a ?. Any leads would be appreciated.

Iasgán trágha (pg 32.)

  • lugach, lugacha – lug(worm); lobworm
  • ruadhrámhach, ruadhrámhacha – galleyworm; nereid
  • cuan mara, cuain mhara – urchin
  • crosán ladhrach, crosáin ladhracha – starfish
  • crosán faoilleáin, crosáin foilleáin – bird’s foot (a type of starfish)
  • crosán mín (nó grianta) – another type of starfish (?)
  • bundún leice, bundúin leice – sea-anemone
  • bláth mara, bláthanna mara – plumrose (sea-) anemone
  • smugairle róin, sumgairlí róin – jellyfish (seal snot)
  • cíoch carraige, cíocha carraige – another type of anemone (?)
  • giúirlinn, giúirlinneacha – shipworm, teredo
  • luch mara, luchain mara – sea-mouse
  • súmaire cladaigh, súmairí cladaigh – sea-cucumber
  • faocha chapaill, faochain chapaill – whelk
  • seilmide cladaigh, seilmidí cladaigh – sea snail
  • faocha bhiorach, faochain bioracha – wentletrap
  • fínicín, fínicíní – cowry
  • feannadóir, feannadóirí – sting winkle
  • cuachma, na cuachmaí – common whelk
  • faocha fhaoilleáin – another type of whelk (?)
  • miongán, miongáin – periwinkle mollusc
  • faocha, na faochain – winkle/mollusc/whelk (general name)
  • faocha ghliomach, faochain ghliomach – yet another type of mollusc (?)
  • báirneach, báirnigh – limpet
  • báirneach iasgáin, báirnigh iasgáin – a different species similar to the limpet (?)
  • báirneach mín, báirnigh mín – blue-rayed limpet
  • garbhán carraige, garbháin charraige – acorn barnacle
  • cluaisín, cluaisíní – small scallop
  • ruacan, ruacain – cockle
  • muirín, muiríní – scallop
  • oistre, oistrí – oyster
  • sligín slamach, sligíní slamacha – saddle oyster
  • breallach, breallacha – clam
  • sgian mhara, sgeana mhara – razor clam, knife clam
  • diúileicín, diúilieicíní – mussle
  • portán glas, portáin ghlasa – green crab
  • luainneachán, luinneacháin – a swimming-crab (also luaithneachán)
  • portán ruadh, portáin ruadha – red crab
  • portán clismín, portáin clismín – masked crab
  • portán iarainn, portáin iarainn – spider crab
  • portán faoileann, portáin faoileann – different species of spider crab (?)
  • an gliomach, na gliomaigh – lobster
  • gabhal mara, gabhail mhara – common spiny lobster
  • tonachán trágha, tonacháin trágha – sandhopper

Part 2, iasc na fairrge will be coming soon, with another list of animals.


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